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Difference between a Blue/Yellow Combo and a Yellow backed with Slate?


New Member
I'm contemplating pulling the trigger on a deal for what is being called a Blue/Yellow combo coticule, but I can't tell whether it really is, or if it is a yellow coticule backed with slate. How does one tell the difference from a picture? Note that these pictures are number coded (all #1s are the same coticule, all #2s are a different one...etc)

Coticule #1

Coticule #2

Coticule #3

Coticule #4

Coticule #4, Different View
It looks like all 4 are natural combos.

Coticule #1 is definitely a natural combo since the line dividing the blue and yellow is wavy and not bonded.

Coticule #2 also looks like a natural combo as there really isn't a clear perfectly straight line dividing the blue and yellow. It's a pretty clear division, but it doesn't look as perfectly straight and seperate as a bonded coticule. Also it looks like a BBW on the backside.

Coticule #3 also has kind of a wavy divide between the blue and yellow, so I would be willing to bet it's a natural combo.

Coticule #4 has no clear divide between the blue and yellow (not like a bonded one at least) and the backside really looks like a BBW IMO.

Wait for other opinions, but I would really be willing to bet that all 4 are naturals! FYI, coticule #3 is REALLY dished, so if you were to flatten it would might lose a lot of the coticule on the ends.

Thanks for the info. I'm most interested in #2 and #4 so I'll wait for a few more opinions before making a decision.
Yes, they're all natural combination hones.

#3 is most likely of the "La Veinette" layer. Considered one of the very best layers in the old days. It offers consistently very easy-going Coticules. #1 is possibly "La Veinette" as well. They can be recognized by a surface that looks pale yellow, without any patterning, naturally bonded to Blue stone that has small and thin white line present at the side. Unfortunately #3 is very unevenly dished.
#4 looks promising. Somehow Coticules with an almost translucent blue haze peaks my interest. That's often a sign of fast honing speed. It looks like a "La Nouvelle Veine".

Best regards,
so it appears I did buy #2 after all. or am I just dazed and confused? might be worth taking decent pictures of my others and soliciting your comments. :) I do wish I'd seen this thread before bidding.

You may relax about the rock, if you are a bit patient. I can't do the right thing till it's in my hands. So if you rush out and buy a different one, you probably don't need this one. If I were you I think this one with a pedigree would be desireable. I'm willing it wind up in your hands, and pay shipping, if you'll give me what I paid for it. No more can I do and feel fairly treated myself. As you like it.. :)

And if it turns out I get to keep it I'll be twice as glad. I really didn't know you were interested or would've stood back. they randomize the user names of the bidders so there's no clue who you're bidding against. it seemed affordable, and they're not, often, what can I say?
I had to read this a couple of times to understand what it was you were trying to say.:D Its no problem about the bidding. I was watching #2 like a hawk and then got distracted by my damn roommate during the last few minutes and missed my chance to put in a higher bid. I'm trying to win #4 today though.
well, I was busy gloating over having snagged it, and saw your thread and felt like an idiot. the offer stands, i am not happy about stepping on your deal.

and it'd be no more than fair, cause *I* got one I really really wanted. The rock that started me on my quest for the perfect stone is apparently from the Fox (Fuchs) mine, and MAY just be the stone my Dad used for 30 years. I believe it is,but I won't know till I hold it.

It's not so much sentiment as having finally identified it. It's a fast cutting medium grit stone that's very smooth to be so aggressive. Near-perfect balance between 'grabby' and 'slick' .. I can hardly wait, for me this is a major milestone. So if you come up empty handed.. let me know, and we'll work it out.