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dilucot 5 diluition ...

I haven't. But that depends on particular stone - some will let you do fewer, some will require more.

The Dilucot method said:
How many dilution steps, varies from Coticule to Coticule, but there no real downside at moving slow. 10-15 steps is a good starting point. Later on, with more experience and being acquainted with your Coticule, you might be able to reduce this to 7-10 steps.

The Dilucot method said:
The catch is this: dilute too fast and you're edge will stay behind. Allow the slurry to become dryer and your edge will revert to a previous keenness limit.

5 seems a little rough dilutions, you risk not being able to push keenness further because of too thin slurry. You can try but you've been warned :)

good luck,
For me, the key seems to be more dilutions, not fewer. I finally got better edges when I actually increased from about ten to an easy 15. With that said, I often have to return back to a very light slurry and do anther 6 or so dilutions, sometimes twice or more.
The best way is to try it though; as they say...YMMV.
not saying you carn't , i never realy count , i just keep going untill i'm finished this could be easily 15 to 25 may . i tryed a similar thing and the edge was'nt quite there.
generally when i make 5 diluition the razor shave very well after the finishing processs on water (100 laps)..this could be sufficent to determine a good keen edge??

the razor should shave well after the third or fifth diluition?? i don't understand the "scale"....
Just finished a dilucot on mh Wacker razor. I haven't shaved with it yet but it appears to be pretty good. If it lacks a bit of keenesscan i go back to the coticule with light slurry followed by water? Is there a point where doing too many passes with light slurry and water only could have negative effects on the razor
I don't think you can "overhone" on a Coticule, or at least: I've never seen it happen. But of course, you can waste steel. If the keenness of the edge has maxed out for the given slurry density, from that point onwards staying at that slurry density will just remove more steel without achieving anything. In my experience, if you can "play violin", as described in the HHT-article, getting further is just a matter of trying different finishing strategies, as discussed in various posts and articles on this website. It sometimes helps to rub the hone once with the slurry stone, and take it from there to plain water again. I am onto something special to solve that evasive edge finishing challenge once and for all. (smiles mysteriously), but I need a bit more time to confirm the outcome.

Kind regards,
that's what I thought. I haven't had a chance to strop or shave with it, but if I feel like it could use a bit more refinement, I'll go back with the one rub technique


well just tested the razor using the HHT test and it's not all that great. I think I will take it back to the stone with very light slurry followed by tons of passes on water only.
Sounds like a good plan.

Let us know what happens, JF.

Good luck and best regards,