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Again 40% discount on international shipping at Maggard Razors
DEALS VALID 12:00PM EST 11/5/2019 THRU 11:59PM EST 11/8/2019


15% Off Declaration
(Excluding Darkfall/ Massacre)

VALID 12:00PM EST 11/5/2019 THRU 11:59PM EST 11/8/2019


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Ok, here's the viper underneath the grass (liberally translated from Dutch). Yaqi only submits a limited amount of pieces/brushes for a discounted price. When that amount (20-50 pieces) is reached, the price will be the normal price again. So only a few people worldwide can profit from these deals. So I feel a bit made happy with a dead house sparrow….


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I'm afraid you missed my effort trying to be funny. Don't worry, happens to the best of them.
Crying is the last thing I would do over such a petty item as a Chinese brush.

The King

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I got the Ari from this soap maker and the description of the smell of a Finnish forest is correct.

One of the most beautiful pine / forest scent I have in my possession. :)

The scent becomes even stronger when lathering and remains nicely perceptible throughout the shave.

The quality of the lather is also very good and offers a good glide and protective layer.

So I personally am charmed by this Shaving soap.


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50% of at with the code jolly50 including free hones!


We’re joining the end of year madness and offering up our most undeniably tempting deal yet. It's actually quite crazy, but we're offering a full 50% (half price!) discount on any and all products in your cart at checkout using the code 'jolly50'. This applies to ALL our hones; Zulu Grey & Silkvein. Additionally, we'll package each order with a FREE narrow cut Zulu Grey hone (valued at over $100), as well as a FREE matching slurry stone per hone order. We also provide FREE global shipping with a tracking code on all orders. We’re running this special through this week, Black Friday/Cyber Monday. It's really quite a spectacular deal, so grab it while you can.