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Do you display your razors/safety razors, if so, how?

Wilco Roos

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Hi, i am looking for ideas, tips & tricks to display razors and other shaving gear. When the new kitchen is done, a lot of cupboard space will open up, and i decided my mini bathroom is to small for all my gear. My wife suggested putting most(all?) of it in a big display/storage cabinet where now our plates, bowls and glasses reside.
If i go along with that, and it is not a bad idea i think, i want to display at least my safety razors in an orderly fashion, so i can choose and pick without rummaging. Ill bet some of you have brilliant solutions for this, so I ask, can you share them?
How do you store your stuff, how do you keep it manageable?

Thanks for any input, ohh and please feel free to post some coolp:)
Can't help you I'm afraid, anything more then 50cm of display space in my eyes means you have a addiction and now you want to show it to others? :kaputtlachen1
I do not have the luxury of a cellar like you have.. And as we are on that subject, you have your stuff just in cupboards there? Hard to believe.

I was thinking in the lines of a cutlery box (several stacked?) I have a lab-tube stand that i use now, but is A: to small, B: to ugly C: rickety
I am also not sure if i want them upright, or laying down. And hey @Snuff i never denied i have a hint of addiction :dance1

What would be nice is a more luxurious version of this for example, but where to find one..
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You could of course do the same as Snuffie and have a cellar made underneath your house and garage and fill it with shaving equipment, just like he does. :D

Here in the house it is spread over several places bathroom, storage room, living room and garage.

I'd rather not show it all because I'm scared now and then of all the shaving equipment that's waiting for me unused.

And when Mrs. Koning starts to realize this as well, it's probably over with the buying fun. :deal
I have a little displayed for daily use



A - 1 (1).jpg

A - 1.jpg
Look for Guillermo.g.v on instagram, he makes stands like that
Drawers. Just put everything in drawers. Once they're full, you can't find anything anymore, but at least the amount of stuff you own won't be too obvious for the missus.
Of course, mine does frown a bit every time I enter the house with a new set of drawers.
Second one is an old medicine cabinet where I have safety razors. I've always fancied a vintage machinist tool box like the one below for storage. Not cheap but very cool.

I was just looking at a modern version of this on a well known cheap online hardware store. Of course this one was made of an unidentified hardwood and not cheap by the standards of the store. I will probably check it out this weekend carrying along my tape rule to measure the insides of the small drawers. ;)
I used to have some of my nicer boxed versions on display, but concern with the effects of sunlight on paper, fabrics and plastics they all have gone in drawers. As for drawers, I recently bought some Ikea "Helmer"
But I do display some of my razors for which I don't have cases or boxes:

The rack's I made from dowel and boards. The one on the lowest shelve was my first go. It's a little big for the dowels, they will bend when full. So I made an improved version on the upper shelves, but due to the growing collection it's in use again.