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Here's a nice Swedish SE that is not seen or talked about that often. Petty, really, as it is stunning in its simplicity. Just a bit more complex that a Rolls or a Darwin SE, but without the stropping machines that are an integral part of those.
The Doma is basically a handle with a baseplate. Bottom of the handle has a pushbutton that lifts a small button. The proprietary blade has a notch that fits underneath that button, and so is clamped in place. The blades are not as thick (fat? wide?) as SE wedge blades, but thicker than Gem blades and honed asymmetrically.
First razor shown is NOS. Still has the carboard protective card in place, and comes with two blades. Second one is used, has a blade in pace and one NOS blade.
DSC04755.JPG DSC04756.JPG DSC04757.JPG DSC04758.JPG DSC04759.JPG DSC04760.JPG DSC04761.JPG DSC04762.JPG DSC04763.JPG DSC04764.JPG DSC04765.JPG DSC04766.JPG DSC04768.JPG DSC04769.JPG DSC04770.JPG DSC04771.JPG DSC04773.JPG DSC04774.JPG


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I have never seen one of those. Blade is interesting because it is in between a wedge blade and a Gem but neither will fit this razor. Maybe you could notch a despined Gem on top, but I think it will be too thin. the blade edge is also asymmetric and seem to have a double bevel on the edge, not unlike a kitchen knife. We must know how it shaves. :daumenhoch