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Dorko Education


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Hello there -

I'd like to learn a bit more about the various incarnations of Dorkos. 1) The older originals seem easy to identify from pics available on the various forums. And then there are 2) the ones ground by H. Wacker more recently. Finally, there are 3) the 'modern' ones that you frequenly see on EBay or elsewhere. I have one of the modern ones and I love it, but I'd like to try to track down one of the older ones. Where did the modern ones come from, btw?

If you run across what someone calls a 'NOS Dorko', is there any way to tell if it's an 'original', an original ground by H. Wacker, or one of the newer ones? In short, I'd like any tips or suggestions for identifying what I've got if I turn something up.

Any input appreciated.



Okay. I wrote a longish reply this morning which the bloody forum software ate. Here is the gist.

There are NOS Dorkos, there are Wacker regrinds, and there are some atrocious rescales, the latter apparently having been plonked onto NOS blades.

Run through google translate for some background. In,3160.15.html, they couldn't establish whether Herr Wacker actually used to work for Dorko, but he certainly has or had NOS blades. If you need more information from that forum, let me know and I'll act as an intermediary if you want. They are strictly German only. Manah of SRP fame might have some background info, too. There is little on
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I have used some Dorkos, and still own two. One was NOS, and it came with a Dorko box and usage instructions. Another is a rescale (a nice one which reproduced the original scales minus the logo). I have never used a Wacker Dorko, but the German guys are full of praise. Blades
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look like NOS blades with typical American razor prole scales. Well, at least they are not black marble swirl with KY jelly inlays.

As for NOS, those are few and far between. If you can get one, get it. I like mine (although it is only 5/8, and I would be glade to trade it for a larger one).

Hope this helps a bit.



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To be honest, I was vastly underwhelmed by The Shaving Shop's customer service and would look elsewhere first.


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BeBerlin said:
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Hey - this is great info. I will dig into some of this stuff. Thanks.
And Jared - Interesting about the customer service. I'd rather have a 7/8 anyway...

BTW - this is my 7/8, modern, I'm sure. They're floating around all over. Nothing fancy, but it is a great shaver, IMO. Just says Dorko, Solingen on the front.


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I have the same razor, Steve, and will second the appraisal of its performance. It was surprisingly smooth and underscores the fact that price is not the determinant factor with these razors. Denny


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Now, I don't have a dog in this fight, but I was treated very well by John Crowley of ShavingShop. He called me twice on the phone. Once to let me know the item was shipped, and once again to ask if I was satisfied..

But, as with all things, YMMV.


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FWIW, I've also bought 3 wackers from John at ShavingShop and was very pleased with the treatment and the razors. The 1/4 h. 6/8 spanish point is prob. my best blade or equal to a lovely Williams.