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I just saw the link to the article on another forum. It is really too bad because this has been a company that has been around for quite a while. One does not talk of a German razor without mentioning Dovo or Merkur. :(
I just got a message from the FdR forum which I am assuming was from @dirk. It was in German (of course) and with my very limited knowledge of German and with the help of deepL, I found (I think) that only Dovo is being affected and Merkur is still above water for now. Perhaps we can get the original statement translated and posted on SU?
Dirk indeed was in touch with mr Wiethof, the Managing Director of Dovo/Merkur, who has stated Dovo and Merkur are separate entities, and insolvency is Dovo only. Merkur is still a sound company and will continue.
The way, and this is not from the Wiethof mail but common sense, to help Merkur, possibly Dovo, is to buy stuff, and order directly from the dovomerkur webshop
Personally, the demise of Dovo saddens me as well. Apart from a long history in producing straights, they really produce terrific scissors. Absolutely terrific stuff. Obviously more expensive than all chinamade stuff, but absolutely fabulous quality as well, so experience has taught me.
Thanks, this was the gist of the message I received. Either side heading into bankruptcy is not a good thing, however Dovo is a very important part of the straight razor scene, producing German quality straights at a very reasonable price. It would be sad to see them absorbed by Gold Dollar and made in Ningbo China.