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Dulling on Glass


New Member
Hi Gents,

First post here on this site. I first want to thank all of you who give of your time and expertise to help guys like me who are just getting started.

My question involved exactly how I to about dulling an edge on glass to prep for Unicot. If I were using a beer bottle, would I place the spine and edge flat on the bottle as I would a hone and lead the edge of the blade down the bottle lengthwise? If someone could provide a detailed explanation to help me visualize the process, I'd greatly appreciate it. I apologize for the elementary query, but just want to make sure I get started on the right foot!

Kind Regards,


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Welcome on!

Have you watched the Youtube video that illustrated the Unicot procedure?
It shows the dulling strop on glass quite well.

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Just on rub, edge down, over the glass, with nothing but the weight of the razor. Check if it fails shaves arm hair. If you have very dense, thick arm hair you may need to repeat the action on time over.

Kind regards