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Ear-hair aka Straight up your ears...


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Specially made japanese straight-razor for ear-hair.
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Is this for real? Is this a joke? :D

I never thought I would get to use the words ear-hair and straight-razor in the same sentence...
Those Japanese... What will they come up with next? Portable cassette players?

oh wait! :D


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I do not have the link but I did see a video of a Turkish shave where the barber uses a gas flame to singe the ear hair.


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I think it wouldn't hurt to add autoparser for links, what do you think, Stijn?

håkan, I edited your link, so it works even for someone without any auto-parsing plugin installed. :thumbup:

It might be a prank, but should work, nevertheless...



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I thought it was just a very well worn down Japanese straight. After enough honing any razor could like like that. When your trying to sell garbage, you have to come up with a good angle on what it is, and why its like that.

Part of me wants to think of it as the Britney "Spears" of the straight razor world :lol:


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That "turkishbathgasflame" thing should work with an ordinary cigarette lighter. I wonder why that's not more common? ;)

aframestokyo states:
"***Please ask someone else to be a shaver to shave your ears or shave for someone else. Do not shave your ears with the aural razor by yourself, it hardly see inside of them, and ears are very sensitive organ, so it is danger. **"

which makes the whole idea so much more believeable! :)

As for geruchtemoakers link;
"Another idea: couple the Kiss Transmission Device with your Cloud Girlfriend."

Utterly perplexed by the "kiss transmission device" I followed the link provided for "Cloud Girlfriend"...

Sometimes I am convinced that the extinction of the human race wouldnt be a bad thing.


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The burning of nostril and ear(al)? hair is by no means unusual.It smells quite awfull,but is very fast and effective. Though it hurts a bit for a second or two..