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Edge assesment


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Hi again,

Here is a shot of my Wapi honed and stropped. What do you think of this edge? I know the bevel is uneven, the Wapi is slightly warped.

I'm putting the link, actual image is pretty wide.

I had a shave with this thing today, perfectly smooth, though not superbly keen. I will Unicot it and see if there will be any improvement.

It looks perfectly fine. But one of the things an optically magnified view of the edge doesn't show, is keenness. You could dull this edge on glass, and it would look completely the same (maybe even a bit straighter). Magnification is great to spot micro-chipping or other damage. With some experience, convexity can be seen also, but only while playing with the light source.

If it wasn't keen enough, turning it into a Unicot will indeed answer that question.

Best regards,