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Edge pictures


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[img=1000]'s Pictures/coti1.jpg[/img]
[img=1000]'s Pictures/coti2.jpg[/img]
[img=1000]'s Pictures/coti3.jpg[/img]
[img=1000]'s Pictures/coti4.jpg[/img]
[img=1000]'s Pictures/coti5.jpg[/img]
[img=1000]'s Pictures/coti6.jpg[/img]
[img=1000]'s Pictures/coti7.jpg[/img]
[img=1000]'s Pictures/coti8.jpg[/img]

Take a look at these edges. the razor is the DA. This is to show you guys how powerful the coticule is with slurry'

The first picture is set on dmt1200. Notice how the scratch pattern looks, pritty rough.

The next one down is 1 set of half strokes = 60 laps. The next one is a nother 60 half strokes i used a little pressure with index finger. I also used a slight rolling x , as the da as a slight smile.

Then i performed dilucot edge. the last picture is finished on water. You can easily see the differance. This proves the coticule does the work of 4k,8k 12k hone easily.


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Thanks for posting, Gary.

What strikes me, is that at the first 4 pictures the scratches change direction at about 2/3 of the picture. I think they're DMT scratches. At the 5th picture, the Coticule got rid of them.

Looks like a perfect honing job.

Best regards,


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Thanks from me too Gary Mate, you know I think these pictures are banging :thumbup:

A wonderful example of Coticule work at it best, and they tell me people buy "Sets" of Hones to do this kind of work on??

Bwhahahahaha, pull the other one mate, why would they :blink:


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Looks great!:thumbup:

Agreed on the "sets" of hones business--people often say it's quicker. Let's do some math: minimum 50 strokes on a bevel setter--this razor is simply dull w/ no bevel work needed-say the swipe on glass trick. Then probably 30-50 on a 4k, followed by 10-30 on an 8k (of some type). Then, since we're going for a coticule finish;) , minimum 50 strokes to finish (none of that 10-15 business; I don't think even my soon-to-arrive Les Latneuses could max out an edge that quickly!)=160-180 strokes on the "fast" sythetic setup. (I suppose it's possible to do a dilucot in the low to mid 200s if you really know your razor/hone.) Even if not, fast strokes don't take that long. In short, you're really not saving that much time using synthetics.

Nothing wrong with them of course, but I get a little irritated when people start the "naturals are only good as finishers; they're too slow & inconsistent" speech... Maybe the honers themselves are inconsistent or not willing to take the time necessary to really learn their hones... ;)


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using the dmt1200 i had to use more strokes. If it was honed with coticule i could of done less laps.

I have used naniwas / nortons. If i was'nt there with hanging hair test i would'nt shave. I never realy new which hone to drop back to especialy with naniwas. By the time i'd been back and forth i could of honed two razors on dilucot.On a good day i can easily finish a razor in 20 minutes it does'nt bother me if it takes 60 min plus.

I got fed up with cleaning my manmade hones ,getting them out soaking them. The naniwas seemed to take a day to properly dry out. They realy collected steel and i hate mucky stones.

You get none of that with coticule. Dilucot seems long winded and puts some fokes of. I have found you can get away with a lot less strokes than you think. I do back and forth strokes, once tpt feels grippy not realy sticky because you won't get that of slurry at the begining. I then make sure slurry is real milky i do 20 laps. Test to see if i can remove arm or leg hair at each portion of the blade. Then i dilute evert 15 laps the thinner the water get i up the laps to about 20 to 30 rinse hone 50 laps. check haging hair test. Then i clean hone properly and do another 50 laps. Check hht with a medium hair not thin. I then strop check with same hair then finer hairs. This normaly passes. If it does'nt i somtimes give the hone two rubs and start from there. Other than that you can try just a thew light laps on paste of your choice. This could be cr.ox or ti rasoir, red dovo, diamond paste .5 etc. The other thing i don't generaly count laps i kwatch my slurry and make sure it does'nt dry up or get thicker infact i keep it very well waterd. the above is aprox as a guide you could try it or less.


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As Bart says, this is an excellent explination of the dilucot method. One point you have made that I totally agree with is the fact that numbers don't really matter, they are really just relative check points for each individuals method of determining if the blade is ready to move on to the next stage in the honing process.

This is great information here.