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Engraved Scales


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Ok, everyone wanted to know how a set of scales might look if they were engraved, well here it is. Take a look and let me know what you all think.

This is a picture of the scales before anything was done.


Here is the other side with a little scroll work and, well, scales engraved into it.



And finally a close up


:w00t: I am.... I am... I am... speechless... no words good enough to describe this work of art....

OK after a long look... I now have something to say.... You're a Craftsman way ahead of your time... Or an ancient craftsman reborn:thumbup:
Holy Shit!:w00t: FANTASTIC!
I am totally ... flabbergasted, admiring, envious... as Cedrick said; words have escaped me.:thumbup: :thumbup:


...ok... now I'm really getting motivated.... I gotta try this.
WOW! That is really ...absolutely fantastic Ray.
Damn,you are good!!!
Wonderful wonderful wonderful :thumbup:

Ray, let me start by saying that I like that a lot. I think it clearly shows a great level of care for detail and execution. I only have a very slight reservation, if I may (?)

I find that both ends i.e. the right most tip and the left most tip require a bit more of a gradual termination. That is to say the scales on the right side just "drop off" rather unexpectedly and the small scroll on the left side looks like it could use a bit more articulation.

* Please do not take this the wrong way. I do love the work, and I only say this because I want to show my respect for you and your work. I feel the best way to do this is to be absolutely honest about it.
Ray, that's beautiful work, but the blade is not fit for those scales :thumbup:
OK after another long look I can finally throw some comments.

A common trait seen in great works of art includes what I call a balanced frame (and I am not referring to the frame that holds the picture). I am referring to the subject “framed” by the background…

The part of the engraving near the butt end of the scales collides with the pin… unless the pin is part of the work it should not collide… On the other hand, the pin could be incorporated into the work if the pin was one of those fancy caps in the form of a flower, and the engraving at that part of the scales were foliage of the same plant… harmony is again restored.

The start of the engraving at the pivot end appears to begin too close to the pivot pin in proportion to the distance of the pin to the top and bottom edge of the scales OR the distance from the pin to the end of the scales… frame/center the pin using the start of the engraving… balance/harmony is maintained.

In any case Ray… as they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, but for a first attempt at engraving, that by itself is stellar work.
Great advice from both Smythe and Tcensor. And Paul, this razor was not re-scaled by me and you are correct about its fitting the work.

As for the design, I would like you all to know that the design at the pivot end was not originally supposed to look like it does. It was originally curved and set away from the pin, at least until the blade slipped. On the other end, I had the layout using the pin as a center for the end design, but when I got there it didn't look right and I finished as you see it.

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate the honesty. I am going to do a set of horn scales next and see how they appear.