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European strop makers.


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Hi Bernard,

I've seen one of Chewy's strops (although it was one without canvas) last week.

I would prefer it anyday over e.g; a Dovo strop and what have you. It is very good value for it's money. I would recommend it for a beginner or someone who only wants basic stuff.

However, if you really want to treat yourself to something beautiful, extremely well-made ánd very functional, I haven't seen better (yet) than my Scrupleworks.



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Yes, they seem very nice!

But I've got a strop that suits me, so i'll keep it until it doesn't works anymore...

And I think Chew's can be a good alternative to someone looking for a correct strop : cheaper than a little dovo, for a good 46 cm size... And the linen (wool and linen mixed) works fine (could have been good to have your point of view on it)


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tat2Ralfy said:
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Ralfy, why not find/make a friend in Calais, post the stuff there, cross The Channel, pick up the stuff and go back home? B)
If going by car, you could load it with wine and cheese to take advantage of empty boot... :)
That's what I did when coming back home from Coticule weekend. :D


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Im liking them Chew's strops for the money, alot better than the cheap real basic one ive got. Im gona sign up and order one :) .

Cheers MW.


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Gentlemen, I know, this is an old thread an Yes, Torrolf´s Scrupplework strops are great. I own a 3" Oil tanned horsehide and love ist.

However, I have also two strop from Jewgeni in Berlin (Germany) and they strop also not worse than my scrupplework. Especially these two:

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(Black Swiss "Juchten" (Russian-Letaher) combined with Latigo, so a dubble strop)


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(Swiss "Juchten" (Russian Leather) combined wit soft Nubuk)

Both highly recommendet. I have double strop Latigo+Nubuck and a single one with fine Russian leather. So, custom orders are also possible.


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@Trake : the 2.5" barberstyle Sedish Bridal/Brushed Cotton combo. I love that cotton part, it smoothens the fresh-of-the-stone biting edge of my Charnley Forest, yet keeps the sharpness, if not increases it. The feedback of the Swedish Bridal is also very pleasant, both in feel and acoustic. You know you're done stropping when the stropping sound has lost its slight scratching sound, and drag approaches 0.