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Feather 1010


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As I wrote in the TS on the Feather 1500, Feather made a more interesting razors than just those we all know about. One of those is this model 1010: Rather pretty, rather rare, and slanted.
High quality chrome-plating, a plastic knob on the end of the handle, cardboard case with blades and manual.
This razor is the Japanese version of a Kabrand: the head can be tilted so, that it becomes a slanted cutting SE razor.
In a way, the head is too large for the handle, which itself looks plasticky, although it is nice, chrome plated metal.
Same razor can be acquired with a nail-cutter. It is called 1300 then.
DSC02724.JPG DSC02726.JPG DSC02727.JPG DSC02728.JPG DSC02729.JPG DSC02730.JPG DSC02731.JPG DSC02733.JPG DSC02734.JPG DSC02735.JPG DSC02736.JPG DSC02737.JPG DSC02738.JPG


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Very nice razor. I am believing that Feather is the only Japanese razor company to come out with slants, and both were diagonal types. There was that other company that came out with a razor where the head could tilt, but the only two settings was regular and kamisori (and it included a pen so you could document your SOTD).