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Feather AC type straight razors


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EF6E0465-E42C-4754-8BD8-4E30A5D5D5C7.jpeg 85C080F5-1201-4AF5-96B1-EFF81BD11754.jpeg

There are some Japanese AC shavettes which are unknown to outer world of Japan. This is one of them. Flow razor.

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It has a safety bar just like vintage straight razors like Curley's Ideal Safety razor. A very comfortable razor.


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E2B2E790-F01F-4368-A5BC-3133936931BD.jpeg 433997A7-C378-471E-8E69-E1D45F1528C5.jpeg

Another unknown Japanese AC razor called Be-Glad.商品写真と価格のご案内-1/

It has been produced for more than 30 years without any modification except material change from chrome plated zamac to SS. Only SS version is produced today. This one I have is older chrome plated version.

Many of whom tried this razor think that it is the best AC shavette ever. It is a very comfortable, excellent razor.


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I had the same blue scaled one, too. I just don't count it as different kind. For me, It's just a variation of BBR-S with different colored scale.

I didnt know a green scaled one exist. Thanks for letting me know.

If you scroll this thread up, I anwered my own question. There are two more Schick Prolines. One is BBR-1 and the other's name is unknown to me. I had a couple of opportunity to purchase both of them but I didnt. because I dont collect them any more.

And there could be more. If you find some info, please let us know. :)