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Few questions & IDs if possible


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I just got my new coticules in the mail last week, and along with the 4 X 2" I already have, I think this is my 2nd and last coticule purchase! They are (1) A 6" X 2" glued combo that only has 1/32" left on the coti side at its thinnest point with some chipping. (2) A 6 7/8" X 1 5/8" glued combo that has a uniform thickness of 3/8" at its thinnest. (3) A natural combo that is 6 3/4" X 1 7/8" and 3/8" at its thinnest. I don't know if it is possible to ID these as I believe they are all vintage but any thoughts would be great. I have yet to do anything to any of them and this is where I ask for your thoughts on how I should proceed. #1 as you can see in the photos has some chipping issues that need to be addressed. I think a small amount of lapping and rounding of edges will bring the other two into functionality. I would like to hear your guys thought on what should be done to #1.:confused: Also should I fill the gaps (has them on all four sides) in #2 with gorilla glue or leave as is?

Sorry for the pic heavy thread Bart.:blush:

I appreciate the help fellas,


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Hi Louis,

As you already realized, there is nothing I can say about the layers or the specs for these vintage Coticules. But don't let that discourage you: Coticules are always, well eh, Coticules. All the talk about layers is nice to give the owner a head start at familiarizing himself with his hone, but also without such a head start, any Coticule is capable of the typical "Coticule edge" and it's qualities.

The second hone looks in good shape. Nonetheless, filling voids with glue is always a good though. We have a FAQ-article that deals about "Coticule repairs":
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The one with the very thin Coticule part worries me a bit. I would treat it with extreme caution to prevent the flaking off of further parts of Coticule. It might be a good idea to stabilize the stone as much as possible, by applying glue on all sides.

Kind regards,


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Well I lapped both sides flat on the chipped one, after re-gluing around the edges, and the back is a BBW. The BBW side looks awsome and it should be a great hone, considering it has pink dots all throughout. The Coti side has faint blue tiger stripes on the both ends. Although I haven't honed on this Coti yet, I'm sure it will produce a fantastic edge. I also Lapped the other two Cotis that came with it and they turned out great. The glued combo turned out to have some pink/salmon hues in it. I think I read somewhere that salmon hues usualy suggest somthing, but I can't remember what.