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Finished Pre- shave & shaving oil


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The end of a jar Proraso White.

I am a big fan of using pre-shaves.

Not because it actually adds something to the effect of a good shaving soap -which also softens and prepares the beard for the shave- but I find my pleasure in using pre-shaves mainly in the ritual belonging to a shave.

So wetting the face pre-shave and then hitting the lather. Would I have a better shave if I didn't use a pre-shave? Absolutely not.

It is also the scent or the menthol present that brings some extra and then it is quite a relief that today the Castle Forbes went empty.
The Castle Forbes has the smell of a wet newspaper in it which can ruin even the smell of a lightly scented soap.
No this is one of the most expensive per-shaves but has given me the least pleasure.


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A gift as a part of an order. I did like it, will i buy it again? I think so but first finish a lot of Proraso pre-shave

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