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Finished soaps and creames


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Palmolive shaving stick. I used it when shaving at work.

Pushed the last bits together with the Lea shaving stick


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Not my achievement. It's my sons. He is a big lavander fan (result of good holliday memmories from the south of France). He is not a daily shaver far from it, but now it is finished). A tube of ach brito lavanda. He started a new tube.

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The Lea came difficult to load.

Because ut is neutral smelling pushed it into the TFS tabacco verde. I liked the Lea, but eg TFS gives better face care.

Plan is to finish the tabacco verde (the pot has 85 grams left including the pot). IMG_20221127_135102700.jpg


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I really don't have a target but because of the colder weather we need warmer smelling soaps or creams. Maybe somthing with sandalwood or cedarwood. I have also some soap from France. Tommorrow i will decide depending on the mood.May be something what will mach a taboco smell.
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My jar of st james sandalwood/bergamot compleet empty.

shame was a nice scent and good cream. But since I want to thin out my load of soap first, there won't be a new pot for the time being. (don't worry, it still says plenty of soap / cream ;). )


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An Arko and Nivea shaving stick that I put in a bowl for armpit and leg shaving. It's now replaced by a puck of de vergulde hand that was lying around


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TFS tabacco verde forte shaving soap
I liked it. It will come back in some form.

next target a tube of florena.


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