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Firm Blade


Absurd hero
One of the weirdest razors I know of is this Firm Blade. Apparently based in Portland, 4913 SE Powell Blvd somewhere around 1945, it has a wooden egg for a handle and uses a proprietary, curved SE blade. Apparently there's a version without wooden knob, and I've seen a pic of one with a different knob.
DSC04592.JPG DSC04594.JPG DSC04595.JPG DSC04597.JPG DSC04598.JPG DSC04599.JPG DSC04601.JPG


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Nice one.
Waits compendium and the patent claim that its a razor for half DE blades.
Waits: "Uses one-half of a Gillette-type double-edge blade"
Patent: "The blade ... is substantially one-half of the width of the ordinary wafer blade"

The patent is on my to-do list.


Absurd hero
Upgraded my Firm Blade. This one has case, papers and blades, and you can see the difference between Firm Blade and ordinary blades, which might explain how I could not get half an ordinary blade to fit.

DSC06260.JPG DSC06261.JPG DSC06262.JPG DSC06263.JPG DSC06265.JPG DSC06266.JPG DSC06267.JPG