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First Coticule, what is it?

Hi All,

I'm new to Coticules and picked up a few to tide me over until the next batch of evaluations from Bart. I was hoping someone could help identify what the heck I've got here. Both are very small, but i'd like to know more about them if anyone has any ideas (vein?, combo?, etc). Razor is included for size reference.






Both look to be natural combos.
Left I don't know. Could come form a number of different layers, possibly out of mines that are no longer operational. Nearly impossible to ID.
The right stone looks very much like "La Veinette". Nearly always natural combination stones. The pale color is right, and so are the fine white lines that show in the side of the blue. It likely needs flattening.

Best regards, and a warm welcome to,

Thanks Bart! I'm really looking forward to the next round of stones. Hopefully I don't miss it again this time.:thumbup: