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First dilocut with the new stone!


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Hey guys,

just finished honing up a 5/8 hollow ground razor. I didn't really count strokes after I managed to get it to shave hair. After a nice stropping session the razor now pop hairs pretty darn well. TEST shave tomorrow morning!

Congratulatioins. I shave tested a dilucot edge this evening with fantastic results (super smooth, forgiving, and sharp):thumbup:

Enjoy it:)
Well just finished shaving! Wow! I'm impressed! really sharp and easy on the skin! The weird thing is I don't think I did as many strokes as Bart recommends.

Quite possible, JF. My writings aim to encompass all possible Coticules, all kinds of razors, and all people doing it. There's no substitute for personal experience.

Congratulations on your honing success!