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First steps with a La Grise


I just shaved with a..., well a crappy Gold Dollar 208 with the blade slightly warped, honed with a recently adquired La Grise, and I can say that when not the smooth shave of my life, the blade was sharp enought to do a comfortable shave.

This is my first job with a coti of any vein and my first try at dilucot, and I'm very very happy with the results. I just read the article about the dilucot method and with calm and good mood I followed all the steps. I've tried my best to feel the stone, not sure what to feel, but tried anyway :rolleyes:

As recomended with La Grise in the Vault, in later steps of dilucot I added more work and finished with just very very careful X strokes in water only, about 200 strokes.

Surely not the best edge, but shaveable. Things will improve with practice, I'm sure.

I want to try now with the rest of my straights, a Dovo, a Wacker and a Henckels Friodur. Will see...

Thanks for the great info at this site!


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it's nice to hear from you good results:thumbup:
One thing you could do is since the razor shaves which means the bevel is properly set is simply adding one layer of tape an run the razor though the last steps of unicot, then you should get a very smooth and comfortable shave.



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Dilucot takes atime to learn.
Eventually you will get consistent good edges, but still with a good years experience I fail myself every now & then.
No harm in that, just do like what was stated above, add a lyer of tape & proceed with unicot.
You know you have a perfect bevel to start with!


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Well done and great work, as said the Dilucot takes some time to Master, and adding a layer of tape to finish Unicot style will bring out the best in your stone whilst you learn.

Keep up the good work
Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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As the doctor said, adding a layer of tape to the spine even in dilucot, can help with finishing the edge.

I have a La Grise too (apparently), and it's very slow. For the final polishing I use a very light slurry (1-2 rubs of the slurry stone). That seems to work really well, then finish off with 100+ laps on plain water.


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My first coticule was a La Grise and I often go back to it now for finishing. You didn't say if it was a combo, the BBW side of mine is truly fantastic:)

What I found when trying to get the most out of this stone is that dry honing works wonders. I will sometimes do 50-70 very light x-strokes on the BBW then the same on the coticule side. For me, this never fails on my La Grise.