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Flipping the razor while honing


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Do you lift the razor off the hone to flip it at the end of each stroke or do you let the spine remain in contact with the hone?

What do you do? Is one the "correct" way?


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I keep the spine in contact at all times, its smoother, safer, and quicker IMHO

Never ever thought of doing it any other way

Hope this helps

My best regards


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At the end of a stroke, the edge of the razor should come off the hone first. At the start of the next stroke the spine should make contact with the hone before the edge does. This is to avoid damaging the edge. If the edge is in contact with the hone and the spine is not, you may roll the edge or alter the bevel angle or otherwise mess up the edge.
The easiest way to meet these prerequisites is just to keep the spine in contact with the hone at all times, so that's what I do. Not everyone does this, but I think the vast majority of peeps do. No right or wrong as long as the two initial points I made are adhered to strictly.


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Thanks for the responses. I do keep the spine in contact with the hone at all times for all the same reasons Ralfy noted. Rosco, well put.


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Well I had to be the odd-one-out, but that’s how I was thought… compactly lift the blade at the end of the stroke, then touch the spine first at the beginning of the opposing stroke, takes a while to prefect, but simply a another rout to the same destination.

However as others have said, the safe way, is to roll the blade on its spine, and do not lift.

EDIT: My apologies, there was a typo in that first like... should have been: "completely lift the blade at the end of the stroke,"


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I am with you Cedrick. I honed two razors today without lifting the spine today, but it certainly wasn't as comfortable as the way you described. I will continue to work on it, but we'll see...