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Found my new stropping routine!


Well-Known Member
15 passes on my kanayama linen with dovo white, 40 passes on the 3" webbed fabric, 20 passes on TM latigo and followed by 50 passes on the Kanayama leather! :thumbup:

I also follow the shave with 10 passes on the kanayama linen.


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A buyer's high can lead to a lot of work for finding excuses to use all the accumulated gear. :)

Nothing against using 2 excellent strops at once, if that makes you happy, but there really is no necessity.

Kind regards,


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Thanks! I just find that the kanayama + Dovo white offers a bit more of a boost and the webbed fabric gives it extra smoothness.


heh I think he's just looking for an excuse to use all his toys. :) Not that I really do any different mind you.


Seems like I need to totally spend more time with my strops. And I mean a lot. Three years apparently isn't enough time to explore the subtle nuances. My bad. Sincere apologies and all that.