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Galco King Cobra


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For the weekend, I decided to return to my single edge razors. Tonight's shave was with the Galco King Cobra. This razor is an early Feather AC type safety razor and is massive in both size and weight. This is the razor compared to a normal razor:

It reminded me of an old wrestling poster I saw a long time ago:

hulk andre.jpg

The handle is mostly thick plastic, which made the razor a little off balanced toward the top. I replaced it with a slightly shorter and heavier titanium handle, and the balance is now perfect.

kc2.JPG kc3.JPG

The shave is amazing and I usually get a two pass with minimal touch up BBS shave. Tonight was no different.


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I love it where a Charcoal is reduced to normality :lol
Don't think I ever saw this model SE, thanks for showing. Interesting that a titanium handle, not the most heavy stuff of itself, can make the razor heavier.


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The is one for sale at the moment on the Damn Fine Shave forum. It used to be that when one was offered on a BST it was snatched away within seconds at high prices. This one has been there for a few days and it's unused :confused:
Very good shaver but after my experience with the original one (closing mechanism didn't last very long) .... Did try the Cobra from a friend and loved the shaves however.

@gvw755 that's a really nice handle!


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The King Cobra is still in production and on Classic Shaving's web site. The price for that one is about $30 less than the one on BST and so this is not a rare and out of production razor like the Cobra Classic is. Someone is also trying to sell a Cobra Classic on the same BST, however he is asking about $100 more than most people (me) are willing to pay.


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Oeps then it’s no wonder it’s still there
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