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George Brittain


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A large near wedge from Brittain, Wilkinson & Brownell circa 1830. In 1784 George Brittain, Jonathan Wilkinson, Peter Brownell and Joseph Ibberson launched a new cutlery partnership in Brittain's workshop. Several trade makers were used one of which was 'GB' with a maltese cross. From 1815 through the 1830's the business was managed by George Brittain's 3rd son Verdon. Verdon died in 1843 and the families parted.
The significance of the anchor is unknown but is frequently seen with the 'GB' and maltese marks.

I am still working on the razor so there will be additional photos in the near future

8F6EC67D-6CF3-415C-9414-9C71422E2F70.jpeg 9FD8AC90-3844-4701-81E3-068436FF360A.jpeg 6BCECF0D-C28F-4532-B8FE-5E3EDD9DA651.jpeg 568DCFFC-2EEC-4DFB-AB1C-E76DBBB91AD3.jpeg

removed the rust and the chip

D5612802-1F15-437F-8B2E-D0B93CE9EAB9.jpeg CFDC2535-F382-4603-B3A5-77CE32818879.jpeg

scales are bad

429A81C5-3B69-48B8-A47A-D5D653A14A5C.jpeg 9AD3EA70-658B-4BB5-9F46-029DAB92E744.jpeg


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The scales were warped. I asked @Koraat to restore the razor. The goal was to restore the old luster of the razor. Not to hide it's age, but to make it attractive again while staying true to it's age.

The blade was cleaned and honed and the old scales were replaced with new horn scales.

I'm very happy with the result. So I like to share it with you. I'm not a daily straight razor shaver and to be honest I can't imagine shaving often with it. But it's nice to see it restored.

The photo's are by @Koraat and I could share them on this forum. 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
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@Tony thank you.

My restoring skills are far beyond yours. I didn't want to screw this razor up, but it would be a shame to leave it in the state I found it. So I asked an expert and the result surpassed my expactations.


Recently acquired a GB razor but the scales were shot.
Made some new black horn scales and a new lead wedge. Not my most beautiful work, but it's an old razor nonetheless.
32 mm widest