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Absurd hero
SU-Patron Gold
Curious little item here. First of all the name. Why would anybody think a man would want a biting insect in his face every single morning of his adult life? Second, the way the little thing is built.
Saving space, it was thought to use a short handle, marginally longer than the head is long, and this pivots so it can lay flat against the head. There's room for it to move a little, so in storage position, it is a really nice compact razor. The pivot has as added benefit, at least for me, that the angle of the head is adjustable: you can use this razor regular, or as slanted as you like.
The handle is marked Gnat, as well as 148581, which I gather is the patentnummber, the head is marked Gnat Patent, and British Made.

DSC05622.JPG DSC05623.JPG DSC05624.JPG DSC05625.JPG DSC05626.JPG DSC05627.JPG DSC05628.JPG DSC05629.JPG