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Got 'em beat!


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Well, I've been on a real roll for the past 6 weeks or so: I've finally managed to defeat the evil ingrown hairs and irritation I've struggled with my whole adult life while at the same time going clean-shaven on an every-other-day regime, which was previously something I only dreamed I could do.
A couple things came together for me, one of them being just racking up the time in front of the mirror to develop my shaving skills, and the other part was getting the absolute best I could with honing my razors.
By a certain point, I'd tried everything i could imagine, feather light strokes, multiple passes, the "Mad Swiss Method of Shaving", but the magic bullet was a super keen edge, and a single pass WTG, and only a small touch-up pass.
I was starting to notice that the shaves in which the first, WTG pass was almost perfect were my least irritating shaves. Any time I had a poor WTG pass, the work i had to do to clean it up seemed to be the reason for the problems i was having.
About the same time i started to get killer edges off the stones, my WTG pass seemed to get better, until one day i had the thought that this might be the key. With these fantastic edges, my WTG pass was coming out clean enough that my OCD could live with it, and my skin was never so grateful for it.
So it's been a long journey: more than a year to figure out the whole shaving thing, slightly less time for learning to hone well, one hidden issue with my stropping, a whole whack of cash, and a whole hell of a lot of determination, but it's been worth every drop of blood and every penny.
So, thanks guys, for providing a resource that's been a real boon to me, and thanks to everyone for the good advice and support that I've gotten here. I couldn't have done it with out ya all!


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I've learnt a lot from your journey, Chris. More than you'll ever know.
From the early times and the descriptive posts you made about your honing habits during the wee small hours, to those crazy linen sanding shenanigans.
I joined this forum around the time you were trying every which way to improve your edges and understand these stones.
Your posts of trial and error and self discovery inspired me to keep at it when I was struggling. Thanks for that! :thumbup:

Hope this doesn't mean you'll stop posting mate?


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haha, Thanks, glad I could be of some small assistance to others;) I'm not too proud to ask a dumb question, that's for sure!
But I won't quite posting, they tried to make me stop once, but I's too damn stuborn to listen!


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Chris I am glad to hear you found finally the best for your skin. As you know everyone has different skin and different beard than the other.Me personally after years and years i can not
feel the aluminum block(as tingling sensation) nor the splash. I believe that the main reason is,preserving my edges always as smoothly keen as possible and because of keeping low angles. I can say that i keep 10 deg for WTG and 5 for ATG. Shaving ATG the angle is so low that the spine touch my skin too..
Best regards


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A success story after all, must be a wonderful feeling. I just started my own journey and have so much to learn but really looking forward to it and someday I should be able to post something similar.

btw. Just returned from a meeting with Bart, decraew and several other straight razor enthusiasts, lots of beautiful razors, even shaving tools from the roman empire, a massive 9/8th and many others, some very special brushes, strops and lots of coticules. Two of them have found there way to our home (a La Dressante and a La Grosse Blanche). Got to see Bart's magic first hand, I'm impressed! Greets Ron


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Well done Sir Chris :thumbup:

I couldn't imagine not being able to shave everyday. And do three passes above the jawline, and four below

Your dedication, tenation, and resolve are wonderful to see, and I must just echo the optimum edge point.

Regards and happy happy shaves my friend
Ralfson (Dr)


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And Chris, This is what makes you a smarter man than I. You have focused on one stone and one method and improved. I am currently learning three new stones and must admit that I have not given enough time to one of my previous. I know that you have not completely focused (Dennis' advantage), but offering success stories like this give hope to those who haven't.
I also must admit that I have learned a lot from your journey as well.
So, congratulations and here's to many great shaves coming.:thumbup:


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ha! Not hardly! :D I've been all over the map. I've got more stones than any sane person needs, though I do like my LPB and LL.
I chalk it all up to shear stubbornness. I'm nothing if not persistent.B) But, like I said in the OP, I couldn't have done it without the support and guidance of a few good fellows. Gary and Denny get special mention, and the ol' is just generally a fantastic place. I'm glad I found this site when I did. For that matter, I'm glad that Bart has the passion and drive to bring these previously under-rated stones to the level of prominence that they deserve.

Shave on, Brothers!


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Great to hear things have come together for you Chris!

It keeps amazing me how much difference there is between people's beard, skin, and shaving needs.
After my WTG pass, I look like I shaved yesterday.:rolleyes: My beard requires precise ATG tackling. But my skin has no trouble with that.

It has been an honor to witness your search, from a position on one of the front rows. I believe we all learned from your experience, one way or another.

Kind regards,