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Grah Plumacher in Beech wood


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[c]Red Perspex Wedge
Vintage Washers
Restored and Rescaled By Yours Truly
Many Thanks For Looking
Any Comments Make My Day








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Great work Rafson Sir,

I like the polish on the blade and the concave detail on the spacer.

On the critical side: for my tastes, beech calls for a bit less rounding of the edges, because it's the kind of wood that really shines with clean lines. I also find them just a tad too slim for the width of the blade.

Keep up the good work, my friend,

Kind regards,


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Bart said:
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Why Many thanks my friend
the scales do look a little dwarfish in the pics, they did come out a little slimmer than I would have liked, as I only had a pen turners blank of material to work

You do have a damn good eye Sir Bart

Many thanks and Kindest Regards
Your friend
Ralfson (Dr)


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Love this one... now I am not an expert in wood but this one appeals to me, and what an unusual color, never seen it before.
But unlike my taste in women:w00t: ... I do love skinny scales.

The blade polish is the ONE Ralfy... you must have sweated for hours to get it looking so good, now I'll go don my sunglasses:thumbup:


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Why thank you Sir Cedders :thumbup:
I waited almost a year to do this one, its the first old razor that caught my eye, and until just recently it has sat in my resto drawer longing to be born again.

Kindest Regards
Ralfson (Your Buddy)


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Hey crazy PhD dude,

I'm really tempted to paying you back your bashing!
But beeing a gentleman I ungrudgingly concede your nice work :thumbup:

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Dr. Ralfson,

It's very nice looking razor. You set so high standards on restoration that others can hardly follow... :thumbup:



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Fantastic job, and this inside finishing of the wedge is a real treat - also, the sexy red!! What is the finish? CA, epoxy?

kind regards,