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Graham 8/8” restore


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The photo of the seller didn’t look very promising but I took the chance.
It turned out to be an 8/8” Graham made by Grah & Ohliger
It had been cleaned before by the former owner and there are still a lot of snatches which will have to be polished in the future.

I decided to make some new scales for this one because the original ones were a little scruffy.

BB280EAC-0B53-484D-836D-3D97CC3E41F2.jpeg 4B038960-1AE3-4E88-A1F6-7158A14F86F5.jpeg B31128C6-C22D-461C-B486-9FFF8AACD041.jpeg 68947E2E-ACE3-439A-82F7-FBDD98893DBD.jpeg E4438DCD-039E-481B-82E4-2098AABEE39C.jpeg 3A1D6D21-1F0B-40E6-9183-CDAAA1797924.jpeg 7A07BFAF-7422-4AEC-80E6-65EE904AB8ED.jpeg D6C5942A-6265-4373-95E9-D32A0D7E8CCD.jpeg


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I didn’t like the rounding of the toe, and after removing most of the scratches on the blade I rehoned the razor and redid the toe. Those scratches were 80 grit, so I did 120 to 800 with wet and dry and then upto 3000 grit with diamond paste.
I’m quite happy the way the razor looks and shaves at the moment so this razor is now added to the rotation.