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Green Cult Steel Razor


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100% Made in Austria. 100% Steel

NEW Greencult Steel Razor
Joserra Black Rose Note AS and Soap, Kent Brush.

Today I was allowed to test something new with a lot of potential upwards.

I first heard about it in the FdR forum. A small company in Austria specializing in sustainable products offered a safety razor whose handle was made of 100% stainless steel by a metal company (machining technology) in the precision area in Vorarlberg, Austria.

Initially, the head was bought, but then it was decided to also produce the head in this metal company at cost price. They have no sponsorship. Others and I are now doing this for free

Since it is a family business and production takes place directly on site, you now dare to take this step. Safety razor and handle are 100% stainless steel. The steel comes from the EU.

Mrs. Valerie Wallner runs this small eco shop. Her partner is a project manager in said metal company and his father is the owner of this company. I had a long chat with her today. Pictures and videos were shown how everything is made.

Of course there were also prototypes. The handle is serrated and turned on a lathe. The CNC head. Other grips are still to come and are being planned. OC safety razor is to follow and there are also new ideas for high-quality safety razors.

Since this safety razor has only been on the market for a few weeks, everything is still in its infancy. We all know that innovation should be encouraged. Even companies like Rocnel started out small. I remember the first Rocnel SE and what great things came over time. Long story short.

The shave was BOMB. I replaced the included Tiger Blade with a Feather. The Feather fits perfectly with these safety razors. The tigers worked too but she was a bit too mild.

How can you describe it? More thorough than an R41 but smoother than a Blackland Blackbird. Simply successful for a first work. It was almost a one pass shave and I was BBS.

No irritation, no redness, no burning. The blade is already there, but you can feel it without being angry. As I said, successful. The shape is kept quite simple. The weight of 122 grams is ideal. It is balanced and thanks to the satin finish of the head, the head glides more gently over the skin.

One speaks here of a shark fin principle, scale principle. This makes better use of the lubricating film of the soap. The handle itself feels good in the hand, but could do with a little more "grip". Let's help these small regional providers (start-up)

A few data:

Utility model protection registered.
Material: 100% stainless steel
Dimensions: 45 mm x 116 mm
Weight: 122 g
Various handle colors
There is no blade protrusion! So the blade is completely in the head and does not stick out to the side.
Costs around 40 euros.

Where to buy:
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- Pictures The pictures are mine and show the safety razor. Recorded with a 4K camera. Lint and minimal residue from the wet polishing cloth are my own.

















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People are a little overwhelmed.

In principle, this is also a small eco shop and a small metal company.

Please give people time.

The link to the shop in Austria is now here (
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Shipping to Greece is also being worked on to Russia.

Shipping to the UK is not possible due to a trademark application from a local cosmetics company.

A white label for packaging and only the logo without a name is in the works, but it will take time.


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Today the new base plates (prototypes) of the Greencult safety razor were allowed to show what they can do.

For better understanding:
O = The original head
L = Higher gap than the original (aggressive)
M = About like the original (medium-mild/aggressive)
S= Lower gap than the original. (Mild)

Base plate changes: no more through holes. As a result, the base plate is smooth. Gap and exposure have been adjusted.
The foam channels are now continuous, no more bridge.

Since it is a prototype, only the L, M and S were lasered. The end product will of course be labeled more beautifully and of course it will be optically enhanced.

Exact dates of the gaps and the exposure will be communicated.

Plate L and plate S with a feather were used today.

As always, the shaving soap was allowed to soften on the face for 3-4 minutes. Right half of face was shaved with S-plate.
Left half of face was shaved with L-plate.

The S plate is noticeably milder. It glided wonderfully through the whiskers.

Although milder, it was already clear after the first run that the S plate is very thorough. It's a noticeable difference to the original record and of course the L record.

Against the grain, the S plate proved to be excellent. No tugging, no rattling, nothing. I would say that the S-platter really shows what it can do against the grain. Perfect, soft and very comfortable on the skin. I had no problems with my upper lip.


The L plate feels much more direct with the line.

Here, too, the first round was very good, almost BBS, at least on the cheeks and neck.

Against the grain, especially on the upper lip, the L-plate bitched a little. She picked something. Here it was important to change the angle (almost 90 degrees) and keep the shaving cream more liquid.

But with a water shave it got better. (Clean up)

But I was shaved tip-top here too. After, as I said, a water shave and a little cleaning, I was completely BBS.

All in all, I would prefer the S plate, since it worked a bit softer, at least for me. But I have to say that my whiskers are quite thin and not too hard.

After a cold face wash, the after-shave was allowed on the skin. I could burn neither left nor right. Actually, I would have expected a burn on the left side, but as I said, nothing.

With the 3 new records, Greencult actually has the right product for everyone (coming soon).

Very clear purchase recommendation.

If you already have the Greencult, you can soon get a more suitable plate separately, depending on your needs. I don't know when that will be yet.

If you don't have a Greencult yet, you should wait until all 3 records are available. DSC05942.JPG DSC05969.JPG


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@Thorsten69 thanks for your review. I will order a S-plate as soon as it is available. I shaved today with the greencult and was again very pleased with the shave.


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The head is also new. You need a new head and a base of your choice. Sorry, my mistake, I misread that.
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