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Announcement Happy new year 2022!


Dear members,

we almost can not believe it, but again a year passed just like that with full speed. It was again a tough year for all of us and it seems that 2022 will be at least in the first few months be same. For most of us this year pushed us to our limit. Both in private and also in business.

The harder it gets, the more we appreciate your support here in the forum and that you are still active in a friendly manner. This is motivating us to continue even in these very difficult times. I am sure, you all feel the same. So let us continue to enjoy our community here and tell our friends about this great place. There are so many people out there, who still do not know us. We should change that to make them happy again in 2022... :flucht1

We whish you and your family a happy new year, health and all the things you are hoping for that are importat for you.

Your SU-Team

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