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Has anyone tamed the Dragon


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Is there a George??
A while ago there was a great buzz on the threads about the "Dragon Tongue Hone." I and many others bought them. Has anyone actually gotten them to give some semblance of a razor's edge? I've lapped and tried but to no avail and as I have no virgins available to mollify the Dragon, How does one do it??:confused:

Ive found mine too fine to set a bevel and not fine enough to use as a finisher, so I use it on kitchen knives and fountain pen nibs.


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I had exactly the same result with mine, and have just tried a little experiment. I took an ebay razor I had dilucot honed on my coticule which was good but not quite as good as I wanted and gave it 20 laps on the DT with mineral oil, stropped and tested and the HHT improved so I repeated the sequence and the HHT improved again.

The test shave was good, without irritation; the edge was somewhat improved, very sharp, very crisp and slightly less mellow than a coticule edge. This was by far the best edge I've achieved form the DT.

Of course there is every likelihood that had I returned the razor to my coticule I would have also improved the edge,but this was to find out how best to use my DT rather than as a comparison with a coti.

I will continue experimenting and get hold of a thinner oil than mineral oil which I understand is rather too thick for a honing oil. At this stage I can't say whether I prefer a good Coticule edge or a DT edge.