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Has anyone used the Cotcarb for their kitchen knives?

I'm looking to renovate my girlfriend's kitchen knives. They're nothing special, but they have mangled edges from years of innocently ignorant misuse. I have no intention of scratching up my Coti on these knives, nor do I believe that they require the finish that a Coti will provide. It's my understanding that a Norton 220/1000 is perfect for kitchen knives, but it's important to note that I hold manmade stones in disdain. Not for any functional reason. I simply enjoy hating them. And while the Cotcarb has a mandmade side, It might be something I can live with. The Cotcarb is supposed to be 600/4000, so the new edge should be better than a Norton, and the BBW should be perfect for my set of Shuns.

Can anyone contribute to my fact-finding mission?
I have two different Cotcarbs lying here for testing. One has a white man-made stone and the other a gray one.

On only briefly found time for testing the man-made sides on razors (for heavy edge restoration work). I didn't like them for use on razors at all. Nor were they ever intended for that, but I wanted to find out anyway. After that first trials, too many other issues required my time, so they ended up in a drawer, awaiting further investigation.

If you have the time and inclination, you're free to try them. The only conditions is that you ship them back at some point (or buy them), and that you post your impressions/findings on this forum.

Kind regards,
I'd certainly post a review. IT looks like an interesting product, and it will be interesting to see how it handles old kitchen knives.

PM me and we'll exchange details.
We don't have a PM system, but if you access the members list, you can send e-mail to individual members.

I just sent you one.:)

Kind regards,