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Reserved - Payment pending Heavy Brass+Stainless steel Brush Handle

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Blade Whisperer
Good evening, gentlemen. For friends of very heavy handles and large brushes on sale today:
  • Brass and stainless steel handle (new and unused)
  • Total height 75mm
  • Weight 329gr
  • Knot diameter 30mm (I guess that a 28mm brushknot would fit best)
  • Knot depth 17mm
  • No Brush Knot included. You buy and put in whatever you like
FE386730-4139-41E5-8D88-CD21DBDB049C.jpeg 8A392B95-2853-49AA-A7CE-81819BBD4731.jpeg 7C9F749E-D9EC-402A-9729-FE5570271F67.jpeg

If the handle falls out of your hand, it is better to wear safety shoes and be prepared to renovate your bathroom.

Price: Euro 35,- plus shipping (from Germany)