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Hello From New Jersey


Hey there. Shaving crazy from NJ. Started shaving with a brush and real shave soap back in the end of 2015 when my wife decided to buy me an Art of Shaving travel kit. Up to that point all I knew was cartridge razors and canned foamin' goo. My razor at the time was a Mach 3. After getting the kit, I went searching the internet for info on how to do this thing properly. Found one of the older forums, someone PIF'd me a cheap double edge and the rest is history. Obsession. And this makes the 7th shaving forum I have joined. I also belong to 3 coffee forums. Not bragging. Just insane. Looking forward to getting to know this new forum. Happy shaves.


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Welcome to the forum. Big difference from your mach razor, they say it's cheaper to shave traditionally and it can be if you know how to avoid the pitfalls of wanting to try out everything but I've not met many people who are able to resist that urge. Enjoy your stay!


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Thanks. I already fell down that rabbit hole. I now have about 35 razors, mostly vintage but some modern ones. I have 17 brushes, a mix of boar, badger and synthetic. I have 6 lather bowls. And I have a little over 50 soaps and creams. Fortunately I'm at the point where I no longer look for new razors. And I just acquired a boar brush that for me seems to complete my "dream" rotation. I'll never tire of trying new creams and soaps but I need to finish some stuff before I start buying more again. But here's the thing. I can sell off much of my gear and I could easily end up with most if not all of my money back. But I didn't get into this because I thought it would be cheaper. I got into it because I was intrigued by a method of shaving that was done 100 years ago. I'm new to this sight but have been classic wet shaving for about 4 years. Glad to be here.


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Good to see another member from the other side of the pond, even if you are on the other side of the continent.Welcome_At_Shavinfuniverse_Com