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Hello from Ukraine.


Well-Known Member
Hi, Gipson
It's nice to see you here! A year or somewhat more ago I planned to contact you for getting some straights regrounded and restored. But I didn't found time for that then. Now I can ask you - is that possible for you to do such work for me?

To others... Gipson seems to be a little modest, and not told us directly about himself. Actually, he's a well-known artisan in Ukraine, who makes and perhaps also restores the straight razors.

Gipson, welcome!



New Member
Hello Urmas, at the request of other users of straight razors, I made a video as an example. So that people roughly understand where to start and in what ways you can restore razors for yourself. Many people in my country have straight razors after the death of their relatives and these people are dear to these items as a memory of their grandfather or father. At the moment I am engaged in the manufacture of razors from start to finish and I am not yet engaged in the restoration of straight razors, due to the tight work schedule. Thanks for the praise.