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Hello from Washington State, USA


Well-Known Member
So good to see familiar faces from FdR, as well as some new faces. I enjoyed hearing the voices of those over on the other side of the pond as often the forums in the USA have very few members. I guess now, I am the one from the other side of the pond. One thing I am afraid of is that now I am not able to blame Deepl for translating my messages wrongand will have to blame only myself for not making sense in my own language. ;)

Hi Les,


Glad to see you here. So we have now one member from Australia and one member from the US. I guess you have to push now all your friends, to get more US members here teufel_lachend

What we are missing outside of Europe while looking at the globe is Canada and some countries from South America. We will work on that to become truly international :D