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Hello all,

I am new to this forum. I recognize many user names here, which is really nice. I participate somewhat on the following wet-shaving forums: Straight Razor Place, Badger and Blade, and Wet Shaving World. I have been doing a lot of research on honing straight razors, as I would like to be completely self-sufficient with straight razor maintenance in the future. You guys almost have me sold on Belgian Coticules for my needs :). This seems like a wonderful place to learn a lot from, and I am grateful for all of the work people have put into the research of honing razors and presentation of information of honing straight razors. Hopefully, I won't annoy all of you with my questions :p. Thanks for letting me be a part of your community!


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Welcome, altshaver.

That's indeed a great place to learn, and the company is superb, too. :lol:

You can always count on help, and I believe most of users are patient enough to answer (nearly :)) any questions. After all, many people here are still learning, too, including myself.

Have a good time at!



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Welcome to, altshaver. :)

I still consider myself new to the forum and to coticule's, but I can guarantee you're at the right place to master this stone.
The members here are dedicated to helping you succeed.
I've surprised myself with the progress I've made in such a short time with their help.
Enjoy the forum.



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Hi there and welcome to this cozy place.

Your questions will annoy nobody here! You will find here many friendly, open-minded, and commited people with a common passion. You can ask and you'll be given answers, not lectures :|

Welcome again

... and, just curious, what would we have to do to get you completely sold on coticules ? ;)


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BlueDun said:
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- nothing more than what you guys are already doing. I am trying to keep an open mind about honing and an open mind about my abilities. I am just trying to figure out if Belgian Coticules are for me. I am also analyzing whether or not I am capable of honing razors - having the minimum amount of manual dexterity required, etc. I like that a Belgian Coticule is a one stone solution for someone maintaining a razor that is in fairly decent shape. I have read that for restoration work or for fixing chipped razors that a more aggressive hone is needed. However, I hope to avoid needing such a stone.

Sincerely, thanks for the warm welcome.


You can get by with just one hone. A close look at the rather fabulous information provided
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will help you see how that is done.

As far as recommendations for synthetic hones are concerned, I have learnt from direct comparison between so called honemeister edges and Bart's Coticule edges that there is little difference - if at all, I prefer the Coticule edges. But that difference is esoteric at best.


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BeBerlin said:
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I second that. A good edge is more in the hands of the one who sharpened it, than in the tools he used. That said, a good Coticule edge is notoriously skin-friendly, but I'm not stating that a Coticule is the only means to achieve that.

Kind regards, and welcome altshaver!