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Help determining Coti mines and names, please


Hello Guys!
I'm just about to sort my hone page a little bit better
and since my cotis increase by number its all getting a little unprecisely there.

Apart from my La Veinette, that Rob determined as such,
I have no real idea where the hones come from or what their correct name is.

So any help would be welcome.
The site is linked on my home page.
Somehow it does not work to post a link here.
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These are my own personal hones
and the site is meant as an archive.
If you have any spare time, please have a look.

TIA Olivia


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If I never had HAD before well…. I got it now after visiting your page.
Those are beautiful stones Olivia…

So… when do you send one (or two) to me for evaluation? Only kidding about the HAD thing, I will return them… you believe me right?:rolleyes:

BTW I fixed your link.


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Hi Olivia,

If you want to place a link, you have to enter the url, select it with the cursor, and click on the globe button (4th from left at the toolbar of the editor).

I took a look at your hones. Nice collection.:)
In order to have a shot at a positive ID for your Coticules, I need to see the sides of the hones (as you published it with the "La Veinette". There's no guarantee that I will be able to make hard claims about the whereabouts of your Coticules, but I'll do my best.

Best regards,


Thank you guys :rolleyes:

Ok, the picture will take me until I have daylight again tomorrow.
Apart from the La Veinette the hones are all sandwiches.
Hopefully you can see something that can give you clues.

See you then.


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This amazes me :scared: And I'm not talking about the beautiful hones listed by Olivia, but I'm talking about the fact that you can see what layer the hones come from :scared: :confused: :) :thumbup:


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Jantjeuh said:
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I've been taking "lessons" from Maurice Celis, owner of Ardennes Coticule.:)
There's still a lot to learn... I can recognize "La Petite Blanche", "La Veinette" with reasonable certainty. They both are rather easy to determine. "Les Laitneuses" and "La Grosse Blanche" can sometimes be easily recognized as well. "La grise" is not very difficult when it comes from the mine in Regné, because of the blueish gray color, but harder to recognize when quarried at Ol' Preu. "La Nouvelle Veine" and "La Dressante", I can tell apart if I get lucky. "La Grosse Jaune", I can suspect, but not be sure. There are several other layers ("Les Petas", "L'Allemande", "La Verte?", etc...) That I have no clue about.



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Sheeeesh, Olivia!!

These are beautiful hones, I just can't get my eyes off of Tigers :) And it was nice to see what my 3 str8 have been through ;)



Wow Olivia !! Beautiful hones and thanks very much for sharing the photos. I'm quite impressed with your knowledge of various rocks. Far more than me.