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Henckels Max


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This section of the Forum looked lonely so I will be the first one to post. I just happened to reach for my Henckels Max tonight. It is essentially a Henckels Rapide, but with a roller guard instead of the open comb that looks more from a horror movie. The design was a very early Rapide design with the skinny neck. This version really preferred the old wedge blade, which means that you would have to sharpen it occasionally, which is a task I do not enjoy because of the blade size and because I do not do it well.

The roller guard changes the characteristics of the shave, similar to a pair of roller skates changing the characteristics of walking. Very enjoyable shave, however in much need of excessive touch up (I did not use my Henckels blade).

Since it came up as tonight's shave for OCtober, I thought I would also put an entry here for the regular Henckels Rapide. This came in many different variations, however mine is the most common one with the thick handle and wire clip to hold the back of the blade. The comb is one that you can probably till a field with, however when paired with a well honed Henckels wedge blade, it is the most efficient shave I own. Of course, often times, my Henckels wedge blades are not the sharpest.

5 rapide.JPG