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Hennes makeover


Well-Known Member funny stuff this time:)

This is a restore of a Hennes (Peter Hennes) Haan Solingen.

The blade could need some more polishing but I dont want to loose that pretty etching,so this must do.

Scales are made of oiled mahogany. The wedge is from another razor and fitted to this one.
Actually the scales went on fire - they were oiled- as the Dremel was used to fit the plastic wedge, too high RPM`s caused the plastic to catch fire and then the scales ;-)

respones would be very welcome and I`dd be sure to be offended by any harsh words(Matt):lol:

Regards gents.





Well-Known Member
Looks like a very fine job, Torben.

Personally, using Mahogany, I would fill the pores before finishing it. Mahogany's beauty and depth really stands out when you apply a
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fist. Of course, it's all a matter of taste.

Kind regards,


Well-Known Member
Now this I like :thumbup:
looks quite chunky in a nice and solid kind of way
how did you find the wood took the oil Torben?


Well-Known Member
Chunky Sir Ralfy? erhhmm its actually slimmer than the original scales..
As for the seem to soak up all you give it! Guess a filler would be better but yet I have no experince with time!

regards gents


Well-Known Member
Looking good man. like this on too... love the pin-work. This is good inspiration... one of these days I will start working in wood.


Well-Known Member
Mmmm, beautiful piece of equipment! :thumbup: The pinning is really something with character. And a fabulous razor, too! Indeed, scales are probably slimmer than the original ones and I actually think that they knew what they did. :D IMO they lack just a little balance with this wide blade, if the scales were a tad wider at the point area, it'd be perfect IMO. Just 3mm maybe would be enough. But as we know it's all a matter of personal taste. :)

It's just me, meet the perfectionist. :)


PS. And the wedge! It's perfect and so stylish!


Well-Known Member
Matis..What I was trying to say, was that the scales are slightly _thinner_ than the originals :) The shape was copied off the original. Pardon my lousy english.

I think its was a cheap razor, the scales were pretty cheap looking but it shaves very well indeed.

regards gents


Well-Known Member
A Dane and Polish fellow talking to each other in English
Its little wonder that things can sometimes be not understanding yes?

Edit: that really is a good looking Razor


Well-Known Member
Hahaha..we cant all have the good luck of being born in english speaking countries :lol:
Guess Matt have to learn some fact you all should!

ønsker alle d`herrer en god dag.