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HHT Hair Storage?


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For those who keep a quantity of hair around for doing HHT with, what do you keep it in?

I have mine in a small rubbermaid container which works fine, but all of the hairs get mixed up and it's a pain to get just one out and I don't know which end I am holding when I do.

I would think a narrow box that kept the hairs lined up neatly would be ideal but I don't have anything that small.


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I use a plastic container which used to have Pesto cheese in it although I should be looking at something smaller it was just something I found laying around here when I cut a piece out of my hair.

Kind regards


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I just keep mine in a self seal "baggie" it's no problem to choose one the thickness I am after, and if it doesn't work I just turn it around to check it's the right way

Ralfson (Dr)


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I just pull them out of my head (though I think the Brylcreem causes problems...) but you could use what we used for holding yarn samples:
Take some cardboard or cardstock and slice it about half way. Take a bunch of hair strands and wedge them in the cut. Mark which side of the card the follicles are facing and you are good to go. Lots of hair? Make several slices in the card.

Not an elegant solution but very practical.



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I harvest mine in bunches from my daughter, and then I glue them into a knot with the root end out. It usually sits on my pile of stones ready to grab. It's about 7" long, so if I'm careful, I can get 3 or 4 tests from a single hair, which is good for consistency's sake.

When Gary sent me a few samples, he had them in a neatly folded paper envelope type thing that had one end cut and folded differently so that the hair end was presented neatly to pull out from the bunch. Worked a treat!


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emmanuel said:
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Actually, Emmanuel, it is a box of .22 ammunition that is quite popular her in the states. It comes in a plastic box with a removable piece that has holes in it to hold each individual round. The top slide on and off in a groove. I hope the picture actually helps this time.

Dang, on the phone it actually looked like it was in focus. Bofus.


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Dang, I have a few of those and despite that I didn't even know what you were referring to in the post.
Unfortunately my HHT hairs are longer, but I have been debating of switching sources then that would work perfectly. Provided corgi guard hairs work better than my hair which I am lucky to get an HHT-2 out of.
Denny I would go south, but I don't regularly shed lower than my head and ouch.


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Ok chaps just a quick back on track here

When relying on the HHT it is very important to use a standardised hair source, the problem with using hair that is shed or pulled out by brushing, is that it can be very inconsistent indeed, same goes for coloured, heat treated, and permed etc.

This way you will know your test hair, be able to consistently read your results, and most importantly correlate those results to your test shaves.

Best Regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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I'm with Ralfson.

I cut one lock of my daughters hair, 3 years ago. I've maybe used half of it by now. I keep the hair in a small plastic box.

Best regards,


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Thanks guys!

I think I will pick up one of those boxes of .22 shells, although I will probably get a 50 round box as the hairs I use are way shorter than the length of the 100 round boxes.

I also like the slots in the cardboard thing, that would definetly work. It doesn't have to be pretty, I keep my honing stuff in a drawer so it's not like anybody sees it...