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Hi All!


New Member
At the beginning sorry for my English.
Google translator is the power! :thumbup: ;)

I live in Poland.
I shave with a razor for a year.
At the beginning of the China Gold Dollar, now vintage Söllingen Monopoly.
I try to sharpen my razor.

A few hours allowed me to deepen my knowledge about shaving.


Well-Known Member
Hello, Tom! :)

I'm really glad you've 1. - joined, 2. - found the place friendly and informative. "Non-biased information" is our second name. :)

If I may answer your question here, don't hesitate to hit a free honing service button - or if people responsible for it are very busy, I can also do it for you. Once you've used a well honed coticule edge, you can experience both its famous smoothness, and will know what to aim for with your own honing should you choose to try coticule, of course. Actually maybe I could send you a stone for a while to try if you were interested. :thumbup:

Witamy na pokładzie!



Well-Known Member
Late but warm welcome from me as well.
There are a few Poles on this forum. :)

And don't worry about your English. Keep reading/writing and it will improve with time.