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Hollow Grinder


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I have seen the video on Dovo's site and the fellow operating the grinder changes the stones and grinds while working a lever to the side. I also see a still on the Revisor site with a water bucket above the grinder for cooling.

Has anyone seen that type grinder in operation? Robin? Does the lever move the stones together or does it move the blade rest up and down? Are there any pictures or a diagram of how the grinder is built?


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The lever adjusts the horizontal position of the wheels.

There are patents online [1, 2].

There's a video where Mr. Wacker states that becomming a 'real good' grinder takes about 10-15 years (after learning for 3 years from someone who already knows how to do it).

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That's interesting because I seem to remember one of the dovo videos showing the razor raising up to the wheels, but that could have been an optical illusion from the close up. I have been debating on building a regrinding machine using the idea that the razor moves up. I was also thinking of using wet belts instead of wheels to reduce the effect of the wheel diminishing in size as it is used. I will have to revisit the videos. I think when I build I will still make the razor move.


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Thank you that looks like a complicated machine. I think the one on the Dovo sight just does the hollow grinding operation. I now also know what ERN on some of my razors mean I thought it was an acronym. It looks like the diagrams have a few of us thinking. One picture ect. ect.


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Carl Friedrich ERN of Wald, Germany
I suspect the company made the widest variety of razors in Germany.