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Honing across the interface


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Recently bought a nice long narrow LPB bout from Harvitz. I was looking for a fast and longer version of my little 18 mmm wide bout, which I use for spot bevel work. This LPB is 18 x 150 and fast so it fits the bill. But as I lapped it I was struck by the side view.


This thing is a natural combo and it is 27 mm deep. The side of this bout screamed out to be lapped and used as a near perfect size all round hone. So I did and it works extremely well. I can start on the narrow yellow, get the bevel in good shape, then rotate onto the side and do a quick dilucot and finish on water only. I've taken three razors down to dulled on glass and finished them on the side to an HHT of 3+ in short order, and they shave nicely. Haven't had time to really work the final finish, but HHT3 off the stone is pretty good for the first few tries. Better than I got trying only the yellow, which needs frequent washing to reduce slurry dulling.

I hold the bout so that the edge slides across the yellow side before finishing on the blue. Has a great feel and sound to it and works like a champ. The blue only side is very hard, feels more like a Thuringian than a BBW. Eventually I'll try finishing on that as well, just for fun. If it works it will end up being a three-in-one hone, not bad for a skinny little piece of stone.


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I've thought about this before but never tried it. I have a very similar stone that is an odd shaped triangle. I may have to give this a try sometime. Thanks for sharing your experience with it.

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I never did it(yet) because I didn't have a suitable stone(my 200*80 la verte is just too big) bit I did some thing similar on my les latneuses but it isn't exactly the same as a les latneuses is 2 times coticule. but I'll give it a try on my recently acquired "vintage" combo.

kind regards


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I do the same thing on a couple of my other big stones, but I'v never done it on a Coticule. I might have to get an LPB out and try it soon. Thanks for the tip.


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I did it on my La Veinette (a hint from Bart). But as this stone was only 2cm thick and the coticule layer less than one centimeter, I used a 45° sweep angle stroke, tried to make contact only on the coticule part and did not grip firmly the hone giving it some lateral degree of freedom. I don't know if it is the right way, but it seems to work when some parts of the edge stay behind.




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The slurry dulling should calm down soon Rick. I think what your experiencing is the effects of lapping the stone. With a little more use it should all but stop. Thats a nice looking stone. Try the BBW by itself too.


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I was sooooo tempted to try that same thing with that stone. I actually own that LPB's sister stone that is 30 mm x 150 mm and also 27mm deep. I may take mine on it's side as well and give it a shot. This size stone is pretty much perfect for me. Glad to hear it is working for you :thumbup:


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A BBW will take an edge as far as a Coticule, it will only be slower at that. For this reason, there is indeed no disadvantage in mixing them up. Good thinking. :thumbup:

Kind regards,


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Tried it this evening on my LPB. I had set the bevel on a full hollow on my chosera 1K and took it to the side of my LPB with heavy slurry for the dilucot. A mix of purple and yellow slurry to begin with. Honestly it was hard to get any feedback and because of the purple slurry it was hard to see if any metal removal was going on. I proceeded with the dilucot and once I got to just plain water and the blade was undercutting and then I got that "Sticky" feeling, I knew it was fine. Test shaved with it and it delivered a characteristic coticule edge. Totally different honing experience than the yellow side, but alas all the paths lead to the same end.