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Honing improvements


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Hey all, I can now get a razor shave ready on a coti without dilocut! here is my progression

coti with heavy slurry-until it shaves
do 20 circle strokes on each side of the blade add 2 drops of water
when it startes to thin use 4 sets of 5 strokes on each side alternating.
Switch to BBW and repeat.
Do 4 sets of 5 circles (20 strokes)
do 50 x strokes.

If the blade doesn't pop hairs I hit my KEEN KUTTER barber hone for 20 laps then go back to the coti.

Im getting some great shaves! I think its the circle stroke that improved me.
I tryed circles but never took them realy. I find most razors need a littlerolling x with the x stroke i can ajust my stroke better. When i'm removing a chip i will tend to do a thew sets of circles. Nice to hear the barber hone works .
Excellent. When your learn to know your hones well, you'll find many variations that lead to shaving Nirvana. You're basically folowing a hybrid Dilucot / Progressive honing approach. Looks like a very valuable option to me.

I never cared for circling strokes (similar reasons as Gary), but if they work for you, that's just great.

Best regards,
I like circles on my Nakayama--on all others I don't really care for them. Maybe it's because the Kiita sucks a blade to the stone better.