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i have had lots a new dovo's.

I just got dovo best quality. I no ralfy has one, so maybe ralfy can help.

All the dovos sit pritty flat on the hone.

one thing that baffles me and it's hard to explain so i will try my best.

When i reset the bevels as i always dull and set them to how i prefer.

No matter what the toe on the dovo's that just curves round at the very end, never its the hone with a flat X

Now it is only the very nib. My new bevel never hully replaces the very nib that was created by dovo. It's just as the toe curves. It seems to me dovo must lift the heal to get the very end of toe. Also the heal seems to start to far back and can be impossible to hone flat.

It just seems a sahme to have to roll or tilt slightly to get the very curve. As it is easier and more controlled to hone flat.

i dull the hole blade . So i have a sharp edge all the way untill the little curve.

Does that little bit have to be sharp. what do you guys find . I have tilted on my specials and i find the end of the razor can end up looking it little ugly. Steve dempster told me once that it does'nt have sharp and is not meant to be in that area. If you want it sahrp in that area i would have to roll a little.

Doing half strokes is much easier flat. Unless there is areal smile or your way of toe and heal then i would roll.

ralfy how do you find your dovo best do you raize heal just slightly to hit the very tip/


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I know exactly what you mean. I think you noticed that too the very first time I sent you my dovo to hone - I hadnt quite caught that curve at the end of the toe. Ive found it a nightmare to get sharp as you do have to raise the heel to get it - something I'm not consistent at. I just leave it as is and get good shaves out of it.


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Hi james ,

If you remember i said to you for what it was it was'nt worth worrying about and it did'nt efect the shave. if i remember rightly one side reached futher than the other. It s just somthing that realy bugs me. a square edge razor i always finish then right to the very end as it just would'nt look right. the thing is do you follow the contour of the dovo bevel. I'd like to no how they get round there when they hone them.

did you find your ch12k?


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The only bit I find hard to hit is the very end of the toe, I know its round but if you imagine the very corner of the toe, thats the bit I cant get without lots of work, I honed mine to a slight smile so do a rolling X, and the shave is bang on mate.
Ralfson (Dr)


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yes thats the bit i'm talking about. The corner its like a tiny smile at the very corner. i left it out on my last couple of dovo's and you would'nt no the differance. As i only use them for trying out differant methods.


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garyhaywood said:
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Yeah, it is annoying, but ill live with it. and as for the C12k no :(

I searched the entire house to no avail, I think someone must have thrown it out by mistake :mad: Im back in southampton now so cant look further im afraid.