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How do I know if i have a combo stone?


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I have just received my coticule from ardennes, but i think it might be a combo with a BBW side.....but im not sure!

I have tried honing on the 'non coticule' side and had great results with getting the blade fairly sharp and able to cut through arm/leg hair - better infact than I have been getting on the coticule side (...just need lots more practice i guess).

When raising a slurry on the otherside, it is a purple like colour - quite awesome :) Infact - i'd use it as facepaint on a kid if I had one! ......not for many years yet tho :thumbup:

So ive been trying to find indications of the two bits of rock being glued together....but failed miserably - the join isn't flat as you would expect if it were two stones glued together - there are curvy bits. Also, the colour is slightly different to the schist that I know is on my slurry stone (as I can see the glue) - the schist is darker whereas on the honing stone it is dark, but leans towards the purple side of the spectrum.

Does this sound like a combo stone? ...I'm sitting here thinking I accidentally hit the jackpot - another +1 for Rob at ardennes. Let me know what you guys think.




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Mine is a natural combo, but it was documented as such by Bart in the Coticule Vault. If you got one that was tested there, check back to the description to see. It sounds like a natural combination to me. Score:)


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That's without any doubt a BBW you're describing. So yes, you got a combo stone.

A Blue shows less "slurry dulling" effect than a Coticule. That's why you have less problems getting a keener edge on it. If you read through the sharpening academy and
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from the FAQ, you'll understand it better.

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