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Howto repair a crack the ultimate way.


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Here's a tip I thought I'd share with you. It's the ultimate way to repair a crack in your coticule. We all know CA glue is very convienient for filling a crack but if you put some baking soda on it as a filler and really rub it in before the glue hardens it becomes much stronger. In fact, it becomes so strong that if you bond two pieces of stone together this way you'll need to whack a hammer on it to crack the seam. You'll have to be carefull tho because the glue and baking soda chemically react to each other and become hot so don't get any on your finger or you'll burn it.
Thank you.

backing soda and cyanoacrylate, who would have thought? :)

Great tip!

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You can also first put some baking soda in the crack and drop some CA glue on it. The baking soda also acts as a hardening accelerator so it's probably better to do it this way. Once it's hardened you can sand it down nicely.